• Which counsellor I should choose?

    You can choose any one according to your idea. If the selection is not suitable then the Counsellor will guide you to the right Counsellor. You do not have to pay again for the wrong selction.
  • How does it work?

    You are choosing your counsellor, selecting the time and making the payment for your session which is upto one hour. You receive reply within 48 hours either by phone or WhatsApp with the availability of the Counsellor. If the time is not suitable for the Counsellor or for you then a suitable time can be fixed through discussions.
  • How many sessions require finding out the problem?

    Most probably the issue can traced through one session and you will receive the remedies to solve the issue. If you are not satisfied or you have questions then you can go for another session.
  • How many sessions are available for one hour payment?

    There are two sessions for one hour payment. First session is around 45 minutes through which we trace the problem and we can give you some immediate suggestions. Second session is for providing you a complete solution for the issue you are facing. This may include with audios, videos or charts for exercises.
  • My computer skills are very limited - will I manage to do this?

    This website is designed simple and convenient. Any one with basic computer skill can avail the services available in this website. If you require assistance please call on +971 55 4762233 (during morning hours according to Indian time).
  • What is the cost?

    It is 60 US$ for one hour. This include two sessions (45 minutes + 15 minutes). This may include audio or video or charts if require.
  • Can I pay through credit card?

    Yes you can pay by credit card using paypal. Other payments like Express Money, Western Union, Instant Cash, etc are also possible.
  • Will I have the same Counsellor throughout the sessions?

  • What hours my counsellor is available?

    Counsellors are available online from 9.30 AM to 8 PM Indian time. But, he/she can communicate with you according to his availability as he/she may busy with other customers. Your time can fix through phone/WhatsApp on +971 55 4762233
  • Can I change Counsellor?

    Yes you can change. If you find you are not happy with the Counsellor within 15 minutes of the session then you can change the counsellor.
  • How will I communicate with my Counsellor?

    You can communicate with the counsellor through Skype, Hangout, IMO, FaceBook, Phone, etc.
  • Is this Counselling is helpful to solve my issues?

    In most of the cases yes or the Counsellor can guide you to the right solutions.
  • You have another question?

    Please contact us


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